What is this you say?

Just getting back to a blog, which I have started (and stopped) a few times in the past decade.

Not sure how much more successful this attempt will be, but here goes…stay tuned for more words from this space. I’d say words of wisdom, or value, but that would be a bit lofty. Possibly they will simply be stream of consciousness and blather, but you can be the judge of that. There’s a LOT of gibberish bouncing around in this noggin of mine, and some of it comes out unfiltered and messy.

But the written word has always been something that comes easy for me, from birthday cards to family, letters to my kids, to HS and college reports. Even business emails and presentations, not that we need to focus there. But writing permeates every aspect of my (our) life in some way. And I’ll try to capture some of this in this space. Helpful to maybe no one but me, but that is fine and all.

There is no real direction to this post, only a chance to say that you’ve been warned, whoever you are. Likely just me and my imagination at this point. It will get more interesting, and some structure will appear out of the randomness that is our typical mind.

Until we meet again, as I journey through this summer and send out words of wonder, joy, angst, curiousity and whatever else is conjured up from here.
Au revoir, hasta manana, auf weidersen, ciao. Or simply good-bye!